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I2C Electrical Validation and Protocol Decode Software
Prodigy | I2C Electrical Validation and Protocol Decode Software

Seamless Integration with Oscilloscope

Prodigy | I2C Electrical Validation and Protocol Decode Software


Electrical Measurements SCL Clock Frequency Data Valid Acknowledge Time
High Period-SCL Rise Time
Low Period-SCL Fall Time
Hold Time at Sr Condition Data Setup Time
Setup Time Sr Condition Bus free time between stop Data Valid Time and start Condition
Data Valid Time
Data Hold Time Setup time for Atom
Bus Speed Standard, Fast, Fast Plus, and High Speed
Protocol Decode Hexadecimal, Octal, Binary, Decimal, ASCII
Find/Search Data and Address
Waveform Window Overlay of protocol decode data on waveform
Report Generation Customizable report in html format
Export of Data CSV and Txt format

The product features are as follows:

  • Automated electrical measurements as specified in Rev 3 June 2007 I2C Bus specification documentation.
  • Supports electrical measurement for standard, fast, fast plus and high-speed with limit comparison
  • Decodes standard, fast, fast plus and high-speed I2C signals for easy understanding of protocol between master and slave component.
  • Links the protocol content to the electrical signal in the oscilloscope for easy understanding of the electrical characteristics of the protocol.
  • Overlays the protocol data on analog waveform in a bus diagram window.
  • Zooms the selected I2C packet content in the decode table in the bus diagram display for easy analysis of electrical characteristics of the I2C frame.
  • Color codes protocol content for easy analysis.
  • Search capabilities to locate unique events in thousands of protocol data.
  • Ability to view protocol decode data in hexadecimal, decimal, binary, octal, and ASCII formats.
  • Ability to store the I2C protocol data in CSV and txt format.
  • Utility features like zoom, undo, and fit screen for easy debugging while correlating the protocol data to the waveform.
  • Report generation in html format.
  • Supports wfm and isf file formats for offline analysis.

Oscilloscopes Supported
The following Tektronix oscilloscopes are supported:

  • DPO5000 Series
  • DPO7000 Series
  • DPO/MSO/DSA 70000 Series

Ordering Information
The ordering information is as follows:

  • PGY-I2C Electrical Measurements and Protocol Decode Software (shipment includes CD with PGY-I2C software and license key).

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