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PGY-100BaseT1 Automotive Ethernet Protocol Decode Software
Prodigy | PGY-100BaseT1 Protocol Decode Software

100BaseT1 is emerging as the key interface for some of the ECUs in the automotive application. Manually decoding the 100BaseT1 interface is challenging by simply looking at the waveform due to the complexity of 100BaseT1 waveform. By using generally available directional coupler user can separate the Master and the Slave traffic. User can now feed the output of directional coupler to Tektronix Oscilloscope for time domain view. PGY-100BaseT1 protocol decode software runs in Tektronix Oscilloscope, easily decodes PAM3 encoded 100BaseT1 signal. This enables the engineers to quickly understand the protocol activity between the Master and Slave ECU

Prodigy | 100BaseT1 Automotive Ethernet Protocol Decode Software

The solution helps in debugging the protocol layer issues and correlating it to the physical layer resulting reduction in debugging time.

Key Features
The product features are as follows:
  • Decodes the PAM3 encoded 100BaseT1 signals
  • Decodes Send_N mode packets without any training sequence
  • Validated FCS and reports error packets in red color
  • Display the time stamp, packet type, IP source and destination address, decoding of the payload.
  • Detail view correlates the decoded packets with waveform using Bus Diagram
  • Separately display the Master and Slave packets
  • Export the decoded data CSV or TXT file format
  • Report Generation

Test Setup
The test setup is shown in the following figure:

Prodigy | 100BaseT1 Automotive Ethernet Protocol Decode Software

Ordering Information
The ordering information is as follows:

  • PGY-100BaseT1 Protocol Decode Software (Shipment includes PGY-100BaseT1 Protocol Decode Software CD)

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