PCIe Protocol Decode Software

PCIe Protocol Decode Software

PGY-PCIe is a PCIe Protocol Decode software that runs inside Tektronix oscilloscope which has windows OS and easily decodes the PCIe Waveforms acquired by the oscilloscope. This reduces the debug and test time for design and test engineers while debugging link bring up challenges in PCIe interface.



Application Notes

Key features

  • Decodes the scrambled PCIe protocol packets.
  • Simultaneously decodes the PCIe protocol packets at 2.5 Gbps, 5 Gbps, 8 Gbps and 16 Gbps present in the acquired waveform.
  • Displays the time stamp, PCIe packet type.
  • Displays the LTSSM State information.
  • Decoding of TS1, TS2, DLLP and TLP Packets.
  • Decoding of protocol packets by merging lanes to support X2 and X4 PCIe interface.
  • Export the decoded data CSV or TXT file format.
  • Report generation.
PCIe for computer

Data rate of PCIe interface is rapidly increasing to address the new and emerging applications in automotive, AI, ML and cloud storage applications. Time to market is continuously shrinking to address the market needs.   This has driven the designers to look for efficient and easy to use PCIe Protocol Analysis tools in many forms such as oscilloscope based PCIE Protocol decoders and Standalone PCIe Protocol Analyzers.

PCIe Protocol Decode Software

This solution helps in debugging the protocol layer issues and correlating it to physical layer resulting in a reduction in debugging time.

User can capture the X1 lane both upstream and downstream traffic. In X2 PCIe traffic can be captured during the upstream or downstream using an four channel oscilloscope. In X4 system, user can either capture upstream or downstream traffic and analyze the PCIe Traffic using differential probes.

Root Complex (RC) and End Points (EP) are connected using different topologies. When it is connected point to point, the connector could be M.2, U.2 or other connector. In these scenarios, Prodigy Technovations provides the interposer which ensures the signals are available to the oscilloscope probing at an mSMP Connector and maintains connectivity between RC and EP.  This simplifies the probing challenge and easily acquire the PCIe Signals.

If the PCIe interface is embedded, then engineer can use solder down probe tips to access the PCIe Signals. A typical recommended probe to acquire 16Gbps signals could have bandwidth of 24GHz or more.

Recommended oscilloscope to acquire PCIe  8Gbps and 16Gbps signals  can be 10GHz and 20GHz or more.

Prodigy Technovations also provides standalone PCIe Protocol Analyzer to support PCIeGen3/4 Protocol Analysis. Typical Test setup for PCIe Protocol Analysis with M.2 interface is shown. Prodigy can also different interposers based on user needs.


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