SoC Based UFS Tester

The UFS Test Board is designed to issue SCSI commands, query requests for attributes, flags, and descriptors, as well as execute UIC commands. This setup serves as a powerful UFS device test environment, enabling in-depth analysis and verification. This high-performance analyzer confirms the UFS traffic and provides critical insights into the UFS device’s operations.



Application Notes

Key features

  • Issue SCSCI commands
  • Query request commands for attributes, flags and descriptors.
  • DME/UIC commands
  • Power mode change commands for setting gears (HS 1,2,3,4), rate(A, B), lane(1, 2), power mode(fast and fast auto)

UFS 3.1/4.0 Test Board For Conformance Test Suite

Featuring a Qualcomm-based System-on-Chip with a UFS socket to accommodate the UFS device, it can be your first choice a comprehensive testing device for your UFS chips.

We can showcase the robust capabilities of the Qualcomm SoC-based UFS Test Board in executing various UFS operations while effectively confirming the data integrity using the Prodigy UFS protocol analyzer.


Operations :

Users can easily test the Boot mode of UFS 3.0, 4.0 devices, test Power mode change to different data rates from gear one to gear five.

This Solutions Provide Comprehensive Solution to test UFS 3.0, 4.0 device on Qualcomm SOC based Platform.

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