USB 2.0 Protocol Decode Software

USB2.0 Protocol Decode Software

USB2.0 Protocol Decode Software offers protocol decoding as specified in the USB2.0 specification. PGY-USB2.0 Protocol decode software runs in Tektronix Oscilloscope and provides measurements for protocol decode at the click of a button. This allows engineers to quickly check for USB2.0 compliance and flexibility to debug the failure. In addition to this, engineers can decode the command and response of USB2.0 to debug the communication. PGY-USB2.0 takes advantage of the digital channels of MSO and provides the decoding of USB2.0 data lines.


Application Notes

Key features

  • Decodes the low speed, full speed, and high-speed USB 2.0 signals for easy understanding of protocol between host and device
  • Links the protocol content to the physical layer signal in the oscilloscope for easy understanding of the electrical characteristics of the protocol
  • Overlays the protocol data on the analog waveform in a bus diagram wind
  • The USB packet selected in the decode table is zoomed in the bus diagram for easy analysis of the electrical characteristics of the USB packet
  • Color coding of protocol content for easy analysis
  • Search capabilities to locate unique events in thousands of protocol data
  • Ability to view the decoded protocol data in various formats such as hexadecimal, decimal, binary, octal, and ASCII.
  • Ability to store the USB protocol data in CSV and txt format
  • Utilities such as zoom, undo, and fit screen helps in debugging while correlating the protocol data to the waveform
  • Export and Report generation features make sharing and archival of protocol data a trivial activity.
  • Supports WFM and isf file formats for offline analysis.
USB 2.0 Protocol Decode Software

The PGY-USB USB2.0 Protocol Decode Software offers low-speed, full-speed, and high-speed protocol decoding of the data acquired by Tektronix Windows-based oscilloscopes. With PGY-USB engineers can debug the USB2.0 physical and protocol layer problems using Tektronix Windows-based oscilloscopes such as the TDS7000B, DPO7000B, DPO/DSA/MSO70000 oscilloscope series.

Seamless Integration with Oscilloscope

PGY-USB software integrates with Tektronix oscilloscopes offering to set up the triggering on USB protocol content using the serial trigger in an oscilloscope. PGY-USB runs inside the Tektronix oscilloscopes and directly decodes the USB signal and displays it in a bus diagram, a protocol decode table, and links the decoded data to the electrical signal in the oscilloscopes.

Productivity Improvement

To improve productivity, PGY-USB2.0 offers various debug tools such as search, zoom, and color-coding of USB packets. To share and archive the data, PGY-USB2.0 offers Export and Report generation capability.

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