Enabling Innovation

with Prodigy Technovations advanced
Test and Analysis solutions

UFS 4.0 as a emerging technology

Industry-first working and tested UFS 4.0 Protocol Analyzer. It offers protocol data capture and debugging of data across MPHY, UniPro, and UFS protocol layers. It allows for instantaneous decoding of UFS, UniPro, and MPHY layers with the flexibility to correlate decoded data across these protocol layers.

PCIe for Next Gen validation

PCIe Protocol Analyzer that supports protocol analysis up to PCIe Gen4 speeds. PCIe design and test engineers can easily capture and record traces at 2.5, 5.0, 8 and 16GT/s at a specific event and obtain error reports instantaneously at an affordable price.

The technology that changes everythig

SD, SDIO, eMMC Protocol Analyzer is the Protocol Analyzer with multiple features to capture and debug communication between the host and design under test. SD, SDIO, and eMMC Protocol Analyzer support SD, SDIO, and eMMC for data rates up to 200MHz (HS400) DDR mode.

Prodigy Technovations offers state-of-the-art test and analysis solutions that enable innovation across various industries. Our products are designed to keep up with emerging technologies and continuously enhance existing ones, ensuring our customers have access to industry-leading solutions.

Our suite of high and low-speed Protocol Exerciser and Analysis capabilities covers a broad spectrum of emerging and mainstream technologies. We provide support for protocols such as UFS, PCIe, I2C, I3C, SPI, SPMI, MDIO, UART, SM Bus, PM Bus, RFFE, JTAG, and QSPI. This extensive protocol coverage allows our customers to validate and analyze a diverse range of systems and devices.


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