The frequency for the Address phase in GUI can be modified using the Script: SysOD

Please find an example syntax to set the frequency of the Address phase to 500KHz below.

Script: SysOD Freq:500 tLOW:50 tHIGH:50 tCAS:2000 //used to change open- drain frequency
Script: Sys Freq:500 tHIGH:50 tLOW:50 tCO:10 //used to change push- pull frequency
Script: SysExtended tSU_STA:20 tSU_STO:50 //used to change setup and hold parameters
Script: Bus Frame: Private Node:1 Transfer: WRITE Data:1-2-3-4-5 Script: Sys tIMG:14us
Script: Bus Frame: Private Node:1 Transfer: READ DataCount:5

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