The Dynamic Address in the I3C network will be updated automatically only if the user enters the correct values of PID, BCR and DCR in the “View Register” settings when adding an I3C slave device. If the user does not enter this information correctly, the software will not update the DA automatically since the slave device will respond with a different value of BCR, DCR and PID than what is entered when issuing the ENTDAA CCC. Due to this, the software will assume that this slave device is different than what is configured in the software and the DA is not updated automatically.

To discover the correct PID, BCR and DCR values of the I3C slave device. Users can just add an Internal I3C Master
in the Prodigy unit and send the ENTDAA CCC directly without adding any slave devices. When the Prodigy Master sends this command, all the slave devices present on the line will respond with their BCR, DCR and PID information. The user can then make a note of this information and edit these exact values in the “View Register” settings when they add the slave device. Once the correct information has been entered, the DA will automatically be updated in the I3C network

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