UFS 4.0 Protocol Analyzer





PGY-UFS4.0-PA, UFS Protocol Analyzer is the industry-first working and tested UFS4.0 Protocol Analyzer. It offers protocol data capture and debugging of data across MPHY, UniPro, and UFS protocol layers. It allows for instantaneous decoding of UFS, UniPro, and MPHY layers with the flexibility to correlate decoded data across these protocol layers. PGY-UFS4.0-PA supports PWMG1 to HSG5B data rates and two TX, and two RX lane decode. The active probe has minimum electrical loading on the device under test (DUT) and captures protocol data without affecting the performance of DUT. PGY-UFS4.0- PA Protocol Analyzer supports two-lane data. Comprehensive on the fly decoding of UniPro & UFS data enables validation of communication between UFS host and device.

PGY-UFS4.0-PA Protocol Analyzer allows Design and Test Engineers to obtain deep insight into UFS host and device communication. MPHY/UniPRO/UFS packet-based triggering allows specific protocol data capture and analysis. PGY-UFS Protocol analyzer instantaneously provides decoding of UFS, UniPro, and MPHY layers with a correlation to MPHY, UniPro, and UFS layers.

10BaseT1S Protocol Decode Software Datasheet

Key features

  • Decodes the scrambled 10BaseT1s differential Manchester encoded signals.
  • Validated FCS and reports error packets in red color.
  • Displays the time stamp, packet type, IP source, and Destination address, decoding of the payload.
  • The detail view correlates the decoded packets with waveform using Bus Diagram.
  • Export the decoded data in CSV or TXT file format.
  • Report generation.
10BaseT1S Protocol Decode Software
10BaseT1 decoder view with the waveform in oscilloscope UI

PGY-10BaseT1S is a 10BaseT1S Protocol Decoding software that runs inside Tektronix oscilloscope which has Windows OS and easily decodes the 10BaseT1S waveforms acquired by the oscilloscope. This reduces the debug and test for design and test engineers while deploying the emerging 10BaseT1S technology in the in-vehicle network.

10baset1s Software Detail View
Detail Result View

This solution helps in debugging the protocol layer data by correlating protocol data to physical layer waveforms. This would result in a reduction in debugging time.  Detail view provides flexibility to view each packet of information with correlated waveform. Zoom and PAN features make it easy to debug design issues effectively.

Key Specifications

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