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The MIPI I3C interface (Improved Inter IC) has been developed to address the high data rate requirements of different low-speed devices in the market. Using the I3C interface, design engineers can interface multiple devices which were earlier being interfaced using low-speed protocols such as I2C, SPI, and UART interfaces.

The I3C interface is also backward compatible with the legacy I2C devices. The I3C protocol layer can provide flexible data rates such as SDR, HDR, TSP, and TSL. Users can achieve data rates of up to 30+ Mbps using I3C. The I3C interface is deployed in most of the mobile SOC, enterprise server SOC, and high-performance DDR5 memory and Automotive sensor applications. Most new-generation SOC’s already have an I3C interface for device inter connectivity purposes.

Protocol Exercisers & Analyzers
Leading the Market: Prodigy's Premier I3C Protocol Analyzer & Exerciser. Trusted by Industry Leaders Worldwide.
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Oscilloscope-Based Solutions
Elevate Your Electrical Validation with Prodigy's Oscilloscope-Based Software. Harness Advanced Protocol Decode Capabilities for Seamless Integration and Optimal Performance.
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16 Channel logic Analyzer
The Discovery logic analyzer series, PGY-LA-EMBD has the built-in capability to debug and perform simultaneous protocol analysis of I2C, SPI, UART or I3C, SPMI, and RFFE and also has support for CAN, CAN FD in embedded designs.
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I2C/SPI Protocol Analyzer

I3C Exerciser & Analyzer

-Master (Controller) and/or Slave (Target) Support

-Amplitude and Timing Variation: 1V to 3.3V in steps of 30mV

-Protocol Error Injection Capability

-Hot Join & In-Band Interrupt Support

-Hardware-based Protocol Aware Trigger
I3C EX PD Lite

I3C Exerciser & Analyzer-Lite

-Master or Slave Emulation of I3C

-Application Engineering Team Support

-System Design and Validation

-Fixed Amplitude (1V, 1.2V, 1.8V, 2.5V, 3.3V)

Logic Analyzer for Embedded Interfaces

16CH Logic Analyzer

-Analyzer Only Device

-Hardware-based Protocol Aware Trigger

-System Design Support

-Cost-effective Debugging Solution

I3C USB adapter front top


-Comprehensive Production Test Solution

-Fixed Voltage Level for Reliable Testing

-Seamless Integration for Efficient Testing Process

I3C Electrical Validation Software

I3C Electrical Validation & Protocol Decode

-Post Silicon Physical Layer Validation

-I3C Conformance Test Suite Support (I3C-CTS)

-API Support in Python and C++

-Electrical Validation of I3C Specification


The MIPI Alliance Sensor WG has developed the Conformance Test Suite (CTS) to improve the interoperability of products that adopt the I3C interface. It defines a set of conformance or interoperability tests whereby a product can be tested against other implementations of a common specification.

The term Conformity is simply defined as the harmonization between a device’s behavior and the expected I3C Norms (Practices/beliefs/expectations). To put it in simple words, conformity means doing what everyone else is doing to be part of the ecosystem. These are tests and guidance provided by MIPI for conforming (to be acceptable/coexist in the I3C ecosystem). Device passing all or majority of these set of test cases gives users confidence that your product/devices conform to the I3C norms in the industry and hence would be more successful at I3C Interoperability.

The tests contained within the CTS are designed to determine if a product conforms to a subset of requirements defined in the I3C specification. The first version of CTS is limited to meeting time-to-market requirements imposed by the rapid adoption of I3C in the marketplace. The scope of the CTS will continue to expand through future revisions that eventually encompass all required and optional features in the I3C specification.

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